ReStore, by nature, is a 100% recycling initiative; however, we do lots of traditional recycling as well! We try and recycle as many of the products that we sell in our store as possible, further supporting our mission of keeping waste out of the landfill. If something does not work or doesn’t sell we break it down to recycle as many of its parts and pieces as possible.

Scrap metal

We recycle all metals in any shape or form that come through our doors. This includes aluminum, copper, brass, wire, aluminum cans, and steel and stainless steel.

All appliances that come through and don’t sell or are slightly malfunctioning get stripped down so we can recycle as much material as possible from them. Every rusty screw and nail gets recycled as well; nothing goes to waste at ReStore!

Cans for Habitat

We here at Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore Outlet would like to partner with you on one of our most exciting programs: Cans for Habitat. We would like to set up a box to recycle aluminum cans at a designated location at your establishment. It is our hope to empower enough people in our community to initiate recycling aluminum cans which helps extend the life of the landfill, while also giving back to the community through Habitat for Humanity. All proceeds from the recycled cans go directly back to Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity to build more houses in our community for low-income families.

If your church, organization, company, or school would like to raise money for Habitat for Humanity – collect aluminum cans for Cans for Habitat! We will provide you with the box used to collect the cans, and once it gets full we will come out and collect them. We will also provide tonnage information so that you can keep track of your recycling efforts and the impact you are making.

Latex Paint Program

Habitat ReStore has developed a Latex Paint Recycling Program. Our program is one that will benefit Rapid City and surrounding counties in three very important ways. First, it will assist in keeping our community’s water supply free of potential contaminants by providing a valuable resource for proper paint disposal. Second, it will lower the amount of landfill space required for dried latex paint and paint containers. Third, the program will provide substantial funding which is needed to assist Habitat in the construction of simple, decent and affordable housing.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, paint and paint products constitute the largest volume waste stream in household hazardous waste collections. Solidified latex paint fills large landfill cells and a great deal of left-over liquid paint is simply dumped in the community’s water supply. By providing community members a simple way to rid themselves of latex paint, ReStore will be providing an economic and environmental solution to a very common problem.

Paint is generally donated in very small quantities, a large variety of colors, and often, the paint is not usable due to age or presence of rust. By purchasing the proper equipment, ReStore is now able to strain and blend all quantities of leftover latex paint and turn it into usable one and five-gallon products.

When the paint is remixed, large quantities of neutral colors are blended with very few vibrant colors. Each batch is distributed in one and five-gallon containers, named and dated. Our remixed paint is sold to the general public at greatly reduced prices.

Please donate your left-over, usable latex paint to Habitat ReStore Outlet during normal business hours.